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Virginia small business, copyright, and trademark lawyer
Virginia small business, copyright, and trademark lawyer

Protect your
(not so)
small business

Helping creative entrepreneurs protect and grow their business with proactive legal strategies, contracts and practical education

The legal stuff doesn't need to feel overwhelming.

It doesn't have to be hard. 

There's something different about working with InLine...

We believe in planning, flexibility and empowerment

An ounce of prevention > pound of cure

It's not a matter of if, but when some crisis is going to hit your business. 

​Strategies rooted in law & built in advance mean you'll still be able to sleep at night when shit hits the fan.

100% Virtual

Gone are the days of driving to a stuffy office to wait for the lawyer to come back from court to finally meet with you. 

100% virtual law firm means you have access to legal anywhere you have internet. 

Empowering partner, not a leech law firm

We're in this together, finding solutions instead of complications.

Learn what you need to grow, without the overwhelm.

Samantha Bradshaw, business and intellectual property lawyer at and founder of InLine Legal


I'm Samantha,

lawyer & fellow business owner.

I'm hell bent on helping creatives & first generation business owners, like you 

  • level up to CEO without spending years and hundreds of thousands on law school or an MBA,

​       and 

  • protect the business that your blood, sweat and tears poured into. 

Tell me honestly, did you...


(or ignore)

the legal stuff

Bringing in money was the first goal, but now you need to invest to protect that money. 

Great business owners know when to look for help

small business owners and creators know mistakes can be expensive-image of money falling

You can't learn from the mistakes you don't even know you are making.

And little mistakes can be massively expensive.

How do you want to protect your business?

Like a choose your own adventure book

Strictly DIY

Plug n Play protection is enough, for now...

You can figure out most anything and look for the most value to protect the basic things

Let someone else handle it

Your lawyer giving custom guidance

You're ready to invest in custom solutions that fit your business like a glove, with the peace of mind that comes from ongoing support.

Strictly Brand Protection

Trademark away!

You're ready to protect your name equity and build a brand that adds to your legacy

Get quick one time help

Dedicated time with a business lawyer

You don't need full custom guidance but do have a couple questions you don't trust the internet to answer

Want know more before chatting?

That's cool. 

Talking to people can be real work. You can stalk me on Instagram whenever you want until you're ready.  

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