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Plug-n-Play Legal Documents for Entrepreneurs

Lawyer-drafted, instant-download, fill-in-the-blank templates for quick protection

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Portrait Photographer

Family, newborn, maternity, boudoir, etc

Brand Photographer

All the flatlays!

Website Designer

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Business Coach

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ALL Preorders will be delivered within 10 business days with a bonus 30 minute customization call

Even lawyer drafted templates aren't created equal

Industry specific. Virginia focused.

  • State specifics matter. What works in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, or California may not work in Virginia. Do you want to hope it works or would you feel more confident knowing it was created for your own state laws?

  • If you wouldn't hire the lawyer who drafted the template to do full 1 on 1 legal work for you, why would you buy the template?

  • Just like marketing concerns are different than another industry, your legal weak spots are different too. Make sure you get the protection that suits you.

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Of course, there are some disclaimers

It had to be done. Would you trust a lawyer that didn't protect their own business?  I hope not!

A lawyer, but not YOUR lawyer

Any one of these templates will give you more protection than you have today, but it does NOT mean you have a lawyer. 

Purchasing one does not create an attorney-client relationship with InLine or Samantha. 

That support ONLY comes when you sign an engagement letter with InLine. 


Custom will always fit better

Contracts drafted specifically for your specific business model are always going to be the highest for of protection, but sometimes you just need a baseline to get started on an idea before perfecting it. 

Something is better than nothing, every single time. 


Want to dive deeper?

Join fellow business owners in better understanding the legal protections included in this shop. 

A monthly membership, no commitment required way to get the legal knowledge you need to be the CEO you want. 

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