My Favorite Programs


I 100% recommend Infinity. It is a project management tool for small businesses that helps you organize your projects and tasks. My productivity has soared with the use of Infinity. I can customize all of my folders and subfolders. My team can go in and find a project at any time and know what stage we are at. It's available on my desktop and mobile so I can see the status of projects at anytime myself.


Canva is amazing with both making graphics from scratch and from templates. You don't need any design experience to make graphics stand out from others. You can use the graphics on social media. There is a free version, a professional version and a way for your team to work on it together.


I can't say enough about Motion. It takes all of my tasks and meetings and builds my schedule each day. The technology optimizes my day and prioritizes my tasks based on my deadlines, my meetings and what hours I want to work during the day. It combines my to do list and calendar in one view. Motion helps me get things done quicker and more efficiently.

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Using Plann has been a lifesaver. It makes it so much easier for my team to repurpose content across platforms and even discover new ways to boost our marketing while poking around in the platform.


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Who doesn't like Slack? It's a great messaging app that connects not only within my team but with my colleagues when necessary. I am able to connect through the app on my laptop and the app on my phone. I definitely recommend Slack over standard texting.


Loom is my recommendation for screen and video recording software. I can record a quick video for my team for a small project. I can also record, edit and share a longer video within Loom. I can save videos and add any time-stamped comments. I definitely recommend Loom.


I enjoy using the payroll software Gusto. I'm able to run my payroll less than 10 minutes which is such a time saver for me. It's cost effective and user friendly which helps all small business owners.


Since I have found Social Curator I have been able to create content so much faster. It has been such a great tool. I have access to photos, caption templates and story templates. I even have the option of coaching with Jasmine. This has been an amazing tool.


GoDaddy is a one stop shop. I use it register my domain and as a web host. I can purchase a domain name with GoDaddy and once that's done I can host my website with GoDaddy too.


Cocosign helps my clients and I sign documents anywhere we are located. It really helps with people being remote.

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I recommend Formaloo as a way to engage with your clients. You can usually make surveys and forms for clients. There is a browser version and a mobile app. Helps me engage with my clients on the go.


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