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Getting ready to host your first virtual summit, bring expert-led masterclasses to your online membership, or create a limited-run podcast with a series of experts in their fields?


Congrats CEO! 


Let's get your legal ducks in a row with this virtual guest speaker agreement. 

With as little lawyer speak as we could muster, this template will give you a great foundation. Plus, it comes with a walkthrough video so you aren't guessing at how all this works! 


Your new virtual speaker agreement covers questions like: 

  • Who owns the content you just created with your virtual guest speaker?
  • Can you distribute the presentation beyond the event the speaker signs up for?
  • Is the virtual talk pre-recorded or presented live with audience interaction?
  • What happens if the speaker gets sick on the day of the event?


Ready to get InLine?
*Lawyer-drafted. Lawyer-explained. No lawyer hired.*


Custom legal protection isn't inexpensive, but protection is necessary. Protect your business for tomorrow when you buy this today.

Virtual Guest Speaker Agreement

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