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These things are like health insurance. Everyone should have it by law, but not everyone does, and no one cares until there's a problem. 

Don't wait for the problem to fix things. Your privacy policy tells your website visitors exactly what you do with their information and proves you aren't shady about it like some big social media platforms can be.


Your new privacy policy will tell folks:

  • What kind of information you collect and why
  • How you use that information
  • If you are selling their information (you are NOT! If you sell information without paying people for it, please get off my website)
  • How you are protecting their information
  • How you share that information (especially with your software solutions and contractors)

This template is CCPA and GDPR compliant. Updates coming soon on LGPD if you have website visitors in Brazil. 

*Lawyer-drafted. Lawyer-explained. No lawyer hired.*
Custom legal protection isn't inexpensive, but protection is necessary. Protect your business for tomorrow when you buy this today. 

Privacy Policy for Virginia-based Websites

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