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Are you kick-starting your own photography business? Make your life easier with the Portrait Photographer template.


This template specifically outlines the number of digital images your client is buying upfront which is then included in the overall session price. This will ensure that you never feel swindled for that extra baby photo or one last boudoir pose.


This template also eliminates all of the awkwardness of the in-person sale because it is already established in the contract.


Listen, we get it. Dealing with money and charging people in-person is uncomfortable. So, let the template handle that.


The template includes:

  •  Photography Services
  •  Location
  •  Fee and Payment
  •  Delivery
  •  Late Arrival
  •  Rescheduling
  •  Client Conduct
  •  Creative Freedom
  •  Use of Independent Contractors
  •  Ownership and Licensing of the Image 
  • Force Majeure (because sh*t happens)
  •  Limited Liability 
  • Waiver and Enforcement 
  • Governing Law and Dispute Resolution


Stop feeling like your business is out of your control. It’s your work. It’s your art. Claim it now.

Portrait Photographer Template

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