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Corona reopenings are complicated, to say the least, and the rules change every week. Would you rather risk potentially expensive or disruptive misunderstandings or be able to lay out expectations from the beginning?

Lawyer-drafted release of liability template saying:

➡️your clients can't get any money from you, or your team members, if they catch coronavirus at your place; 

➡️your clients agree to health screenings for the safety of everyone; 

➡️your clients agree to tell you if they, or anyone in their house, is sick around they times they meet with you and your team.

All you have to do is replace the 4 (yes, only 4!) yellow highlighted phrases with your company name, city, and state and you're good to go. 


Also includes a health screening questionnaire that ensures you don't ask questions that infringe on their privacy and could get you into hot water. Avoid the pitfalls of reopening. 


Easy to use lawyer drafted template- just replace the highlighted sections
Each purchase comes with 1 license (so don't go sharing this with your friends; just give them this link)

InLine does not condone or promote business operations against governmental directives. Use at your own risk.

Recommended to have templates reviewed by an attorney in your state

Corona Liability Waiver & Bonus Health Screening Questionnaire

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