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As a portrait photographer, you work hard to create the best, most authentic photos of your clients. From planning the shootings to editing the images, you invest a lot of time and energy creating magical photos.


Misunderstandings and disagreements can arise even when everything is perfectly planned and thought out. To avoid this, it is important to have a client contract. You have to make sure that your clients and you are on the same wavelength, that your clients know what your package contains and what rights they and you have.


We created this template to ensure that you are covered in any situation with clients of any kind. The template is easy to fill out, you don't need legal knowledge to understand the text. This is also a bonus for your clients, they won't be overwhelmed with complex legal terms and will also easily understand the contract.


The client contract includes the following: Fee and payment, delivery, late arrival, rescheduling, client conduct, creative freedom, use of independent contractors, ownership and licensing of the images, force majeure, limited liability, waiver and enforcement, entire agreement, governing law and dispute resolution.

Client Contract for Portrait Photographers

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