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Legal Audit your Photography Business

Take a 10-minute quiz to find the legal weak spots in your photography business

Where did your score fall?

If you found this page, but not the quiz, take the quiz and come back with your score!

Gold glitter in hands with text overlay of "Don't ruin the surprise. Scroll back up and click on you

Don't ruin the surprise!

Scroll back up and click on your score range to get your audit


Your business is just starting to bloom

Scores of 0-5

You’re probably ok for now, but check back in if something changes. It's one of those things that's 'nice to have', for now.

What you’re doing so far is pretty low risk, for yourself, your clients and your assets (lawyer speak for things you own). That doesn't mean you don't need to get your local business license though.

It never hurt to prepare, so check with your county/city and get in line legally!!

At a minimum, check back in if something changes and always try to have something in writing about what you're giving folks and how you get paid.


Just waiting for the champagne to get chilled enough to pop!

Scores of 6-14

WOW, look at your with your growing business!

Changes are coming soon, so you might as well go ahead and get the ball rolling.

Plus, you're gonna need that local business registration like yesterday.

It won't be long before you're dealing with contractors, locations you need to make sure are safe, and clients outside of your immediate network that expect to be working with a pro.

And setting up your business with a local business license, LLC, and tax ID numbers is a huge part of that.


Let's get cracking

Scores of 15-21


It is most definitely more than time to level up your business.Things are getting real in here. Booked-out studio sessions, contractors, make-up artists, and raising those prices to what you are worth!

It's time to make your business match your skills with CEO level protections and Oprah level finesse!

LLCs, taxes, may not be your favorite part, but I'm gonna try to make it as painless as possible.


You are playing catch-up on this one

Scores of 22+

You've been rolling the dice on this one...

You needed business protections weeks ago.

Your business is your most valuable asset already and you know you need to do the legal stuff, but it just sounds so....
dull, expensive, pointless, etc

The problem is, it's not a matter of if you have legal issues, but a matter of when. And having the foundations in place can make facing them sooo much easier.

Don't let what you don't know kill your business.

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