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InLine's Favorite Business Tools

I hope you love the products below. Every one has been used by InLine or an InLine client. 

In total transparency, InLine may collect a share of the sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to use them.

A couple of these links will also offer you a discounted or extended free trial as a thank-you! 


This gloroius software is my hub of truth for all the things in my business! 
It is a project management tool for small businesses that helps organize projects and tasks.

My productivity has soared with the use of Infinity. I can customize all of my folders and subfolders. My team can go in and find a project at any time and know what stage we are at. It's available on desktop and mobile so I can see the status of projects at anytime myself.


Canva is amazing with both making graphics from scratch and from templates. You don't need any design experience to make graphics stand out from others. You can use the graphics on social media. There is a free version, a professional version and a way for your team to work on it together.


Motion saves me sooo much freaking time yall. If your project management software had AI, and could plan each day for you, then you get close to what Motion can do.

The AI optimizes my day and prioritizes my tasks based on my deadlines, my meetings and what hours I want to work during the day. It is my to do list and calendar in one view.

Motion helps me get things done quicker and more efficiently.
There's a 7 day free trial in it for you if you click here

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Using Plann has been a lifesaver.


It makes it so much easier for my team to repurpose content across platforms from LinkedIn to TikTok (and with autoposting!)

and even discover new ways to boost our marketing while poking around in the platform.


Email marketing that helps you follow all the laws, including CAN-SPAM Act. You dont't need to learn the law, just choose service providers that do it for you. 


Landing pages and automated workflows, galore!

They also have a checkout feature now, all in one place. 


Loom is my recommendation for screen and video recording software. I can record a quick video for my team for a small project. I can also record, edit and share a longer video within Loom. I can save videos and add any time-stamped comments. I definitely recommend Loom.


I enjoy using the payroll software Gusto. I'm able to run my payroll less than 10 minutes which is such a time saver for me. It's cost effective and user friendly which helps all small business owners.


The IP lawyer in me is always a bit paranoid that the images and copy I use on my site could be infrindging on someone else's copyright.

But since becoming a Social Curator, I know I have a photo bank of images that won't get me in legal hot water PLUS I have been able to create content so much faster.

The SC team gives your caption templates and story templates designed to build an audience that knows, likes and trusts you.

Even better, there's group coaching with Jasmine Star, herself. 

Use this link for 15 off your first month of 50 off your first year!


For all my multipassionate, new ideas every 5 minute entreprenuers that want to claim that domain ASAP, GoDaddy is it. 
I use it register my domain and as a web host. I can purchase a domain name with GoDaddy and once that's done I can host my website with GoDaddy too.


You can have the best contract in the world, but if your client didn't sign it, theres not much anyone in the legal system can do for you. 

Get e signature on those contracts so its quick and easy for you and your customers. Great alternative to a more pricey Docusign.

Bonus points for being a woman founded peice of tech!

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If you've taken our trademark quiz, this is what we used!

You can make surveys and forms, with conditional logic and email follow-ups. There's a lifetime There is a browser version and a mobile app.


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