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Your business deserves a legal department

What kind of magic could you work in your business with a biz bestie who just happens to be a lawyer?


Are you....

  • Making moves for something big and new for your business?

  • Tired of panicking over pain in the ass clients?

  • Avoiding a lawyer because you're convinced it will be bad news or you're scared of the bill?

  • Constantly freaked out that you're screwing up something you don't even know about?

  • Looking to make a lot more money in the coming months?

  • Crossing your fingers and hoping that contract you 'borrowed' will hold up in a court?

  • Plain overwhelmed with all the legal shit?

There's a better way

When your business has its own legal department, you could:

Feel like a confident CEO 

Not only do you have custom contracts that protect your $$$, but you understand how they fit into your larger growth strategy.

Stop freaking out when panic mode sets in

Only a business bestie can help you create that perfect response to a shitty client and guide you through the next steps to make sure you get paid without sacrificing your sanity.

Know someone has your back

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely world, but not with a biz bestie that keeps you accountable with regular chats that leave you supported, educated, and with a game plan!

Never see a surprise invoice again

Long term legal support that's proactive and price-predictable. No hidden fees here.

Know the next steps

Your business growth is only as guaranteed as you doing the work and protecting it once it's out there. Make sure your brand, reputation, and service stay uniquely yours with legal strategies that match your goals.

Would this help your business?

No, I want to stay stuck

From Panic to Powerful

Give your business it's own part-time chief legal officer

6 month renewable packages to help your business get in line with legal

When you can 'call legal', mistakes happen less.

Stop stressing the legal stuff.

*Package auto-renews unless terminated at least 15 days prior to end of 6 month period.


What can your in-house legal department do?

Here's what perks are available to use in each 6 month renewable package. 
Let's safeguard your business. 

Custom Legal Project

Valued at $2,000-6,000 

Protecting your income with a custom projects that prioritize your biggest risk areas.

Custom contracts, risk audits, new business formation and IP registration are just some options. 

Two Strategy Sessions

Valued at $1000 (2 included)

Every quarter, you'll sit down with Samantha to plan, strategize and brainstorm

  • how to protect your business, and 

  • prioritizing what needs to be done now.

You'll leave with a playbook for the next few months and peace of mind that you're supported along your business journey.

Lawyer's Eyes

Valued at $1000 (1 included)

A lawyer will read over and comment on any text up to 20 pages so you know your rights and risks. 

*Negotiation can be added on for an additional fee

Template from the Store

Valued at $199-499

Got a simple request that doesn't require too much customization (hello privacy policy, waivers, non-disclosures, and more!)

Just use your coupon for any template and check another item off your to-do list

'What about this?' calls

Valued at $450 each (3 included)

Sometimes, you just need a moment to talk it out, brainstorm, and reflect.

Use one of your 30 minute Q&A sessions for that question you remembered at 2AM. 

Private chat room & portal

Valued at $1800

A single place to talk to your business lawyer during business hours, check out every response from InLine, recommendation, invoice, and to book future sessions. 

This is your direct connection to legal. 

If you bought each of these separately, you'd be spending at least $12,000!

Plus the time to find, interview, and set up an account with the lawyer EACH time!

Pen laid on planner with text of 'every CEO needs a CLO'
Giving a Presentation
Working Together
Touchscreen Computer
On the Phone
Working Together

Every CEO needs a CLO (Chief Legal Officer)

Choose your payment option

Like a choose your own adventure story!

Retain a business lawyer for the next 6 months with all the perks listed above


per month, for 6 months


when paid in full

  • *Deep Dive (additional $250) required for all first time customers

  • Packages auto renew unless cancelled at least 15 days prior to end of that 6 month cycle

  • Perks included in each 6 month package expire with the package. There are no rollovers. 

Are you ready to protect your business (and your money) like it deserves?

Caption Image #26.JPG.jpg

What kind of things can I use Legal Projects for?

Business Formation & Licensing

Setting up your new business for success

Your LLC or corporation registered with the state government(s) it needs to get started

Custom Contracts

Protecting your process

Give your business the backbone it deserves with personalized contracts that fit your business model like a glove

Brand Protection

Claiming what makes your business unique

Copyright your creations or trademark your brand to build your business empire

Intellectual Property Audit

Make sure you've got all the right stuff before jumping into that new project

Figure out how much intellectual property your business owns (or thinks it owns) and get everything in the right place before getting a nasty cease and desist letter for using that stock image on your next sales page

Marketing Material Risk Assessment

Does your sales page live up to your laws?

The last thing you need is someone coming out of the shadows claiming their lawyer said your business can't do 'X'.  Make sure your marketing is InLine with Virginia & federal laws around consumer protection and privacy.

*Filing fees of any kind are not included in pricing.

FAQ: Still Got Questions?

Maybe the answer is here!

How long is the commitment?

6 months, automatically renewed

It takes time to learn a business inside and out and only by knowing the good, the bad and the ugly can InLine truly be the proactive business partner you deserve.

If you aren't in a high-growth stage but want to continue protecting your business, we have smaller packages designed for businesses that aren't in a growth spurt at the moment. 

If you don't want to continue for another 6 month package with InLine, just reach out at least 15 days before your current package ends.

When can I use my perks?

Anytime in the 6 month period that InLine represents your business

InLine is reserving time exclusively for you over the next 6 months. This means other customers are turned away to keep availability for you. 

Because of that, all the perks in our 6-month package can only be used during that 6 months that InLine is acting as your in-house legal team. There's no rollover, save it for later, or pass it to a friend. 

Will InLine represent me in court?


InLine's goal is to keep you out of a courtroom, so you can focus on growing your small business. Court is expensive, time-consuming and generally not worth it anyway. Settling disputes outside of a courtroom is always preferred (and cheaper for you), plus there's some great templates available in the template shop that lock in whatever agreed upon compromise you work out in any dispute that could lead to court anyway.

What's with the initiation fee?

Think of the Instagram stalking you do when you first meet someone

So, I do that, but for your business and go much much deeper than Instagram. The first time we work together, there's a whole mess of bureaucracy to check, double check, get signatures on, etc. Bright side is, once it's done, as long as you are with InLine, you'll never see this fee again.

What if I don't need a different amount of support?

Let's talk

We have other levels of ongoing support packages you can check out. We can also talk about a custom level if neither of those suits.
Different seasons require different needs. We are here to help with that. 

Something else not listed here?

That's cool, let's talk about it

Just use the link below to book a discovery call.


Need protection, but can't invest in custom solutions yet?

Check out these lawyer drafted templates that you can personalize in the time it takes to watch an episode of that binge-worthy show

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