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Building a business is crazy overwhelming

With 138515971515 things to do and never enough time to do it.

Marketing, sales, customer experience, getting paid, social media, getting reviews, bringing on team members, and the list never ends.

Then realizing that you weren't trained in most of this (if any) and that any one of those things done the wrong way could lead to

  • issues that you don't know how to fix,

  • random letters from the government that make your heart drop a bit in your chest (why can’t they write in normal english?),


  • worst yet, someone threatening to sue you or you needing to sue someone else and not knowing if the whole thing is even worth it. 

Maybe, probably, (let’s be real, definitely),what you need is a lawyer friend

(who didn’t graduate law school with your great great great great grandmother and knows how to make a TikTok)



I'm Samantha,

lawyer on a mission
to help first generation business owners become 
millionaires by doing everything in my power to make sure their businesses
beat the odds and become sustainable wealth generators.

Extraordinaire at preventing legal molehills from turning into mountains with all my lawyer wizardry

Samantha Bradshaw, business lawyer working at her laptop

Who I love to work with

Change-makers. Status-quo breakers. Rebels. Underdogs. Fighters.

Proving them wrong, whoever they were, by building your dream business and life is the greatest revenge. 

It also creates the greatest change. 

When you do well, your family (blood or chosen) does well. When they do well, your community does well. When the community does well, the state does well. And so on. 

That rising tide lifts all boats. 

So let's safeguard that, together. 

More about my non-biz life

  • cat mom 

  • Slytherin

  • weird combo of the Sex and the City characters (ask when we chat) 

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